Salt Grass is a love letter to the abundant beauty of nature.

Slow made by Kristi Frank Montaño in Santa Fe, NM


Fine Commitment & Ceremony bands made from 100% post-consumer metals. Options to customize with ethically-sourced stones. Each piece is made to order and meticulously crafted by hand.

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Salt Grass Jewelry was founded in 2016 by Kristi Frank Montaño. Before that, she produced jewelry for notable brands in NYC and Maine. As a 14th-generation New Mexican, her work is characterized by symbolic shapes and textures observed in the high desert. The name Salt Grass comes from Distichlis Spicata, a species of grass also known as desert saltgrass. It is common in the Americans and can be found locally in the clay river banks of the Rio Grande.

Salt Grass Jewelry is a reminder of our devotion to nature. Our purpose is to create timeless jewelry that feels both modern and of the earth. Each design is hand-sculpted and slow-made with recycled materials and sustainable practices.

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