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Where is Salt Grass jewelry Made?

All Salt Grass jewelry is slow-made in Santa Fe, New Mexico in our darling new 200 sq foot studio.

Jewlery care for different metals?

Solid Gold // Resistant to water, sweat and any other element.

To clean, use a polishing cloth, or soak in lukewarm water with a few drops of mild soap. Use your fingers or a soft cloth to rub off any dirt and dry thoroughly. Keep in a dry place.


Sterling Silver // Exposure to air and moisture may cause
sterling silver to tarnish more rapidly. The textures and forms on our jewelry will become more defined with this natural patina, but if you wish to return the jewelry to its original finish, please use a gentle jewelry polishing cloth.

To clean and remove oxidization, use a polishing cloth. We like Sunshine Clothes which you can find on Amazon. Follow directions carefully when using them and only rub lightly. Keep in a dry place.


14k Gold Vermeil // The plaiting durability will depend on the wearer's usage and body sweat. Some bodies are more prone to sweat than others and may fade faster than others. For best results, do not expose your jewelry directly when exercising, showering, washing your hands, gardening, or anything with chemicals and/or abrasive material.

To clean, gently rub and polish with a soft cloth or microfiber cloth. DO NOT USE A polishing cloth. Keep in a dry place.

How would you describe the finish on Salt Grass pieces?

Salt Grass uses a professional tumbler to give our surfaces a brushed slightly shiny surface. This is not a high-shine finish. Your finish may become more matte or shiny over time depending on your body's oils and how it is stored. If you’d like your Salt Grass jewelry professionally cleaned or your finish re-done at any point please let us know. We’re happy to help.

What metals do you use?

Salt Grass uses sterling silver, 14k gold vermeil and solid gold metals mostly in 10k and 14k. About 85% our sterling silver and our solid gold items are coming from recycled alloys.

Where does recycled metal come from, and why is that important?

Our metals come from a few sources within the US. Our casted components come from a family owned and operated casting house in Santa Fe. Most of their casting grain comes from Hoover & Strong which uses SCS certified recycled metals and also has a certificate for responsible sourcing. Similarly, a large portion of our raw non-cast material is also coming from a SCS certified recycled source.

Post-consumer recycled metals are just as clean, pure and "refined" as metals that originate from the earth. The main difference is that we are not contributing to the mining process by using "new" metal. Mining for metals causes a huge amount of waste and displacement of animals and plants. It is for these reasons that we are so happy to see many supply company's now offering recycled alloys produced in green facilities.

What is your return Policy?

Custom work is a final sale and cannot be returned. Items from our Core Essentials Collection can be exchanged for another item within 14 days, provided they are undamaged and in their original packaging. Some items may incur a 10% restocking fee.