Where is Salt Grass jewelry Made?

All Salt Grass jewelry is slow-made in Santa Fe, New Mexico in our darling new 200 sq foot studio.


Shipping rates are calculated based on your order and location. We offer USPS First Class or Priority Mail or UPS Next Day for the US. For international shipping please email us at saltgrassjewelry@gmail.com to make arrangements. All orders over $150 receive free Priority Mail Shipping.

How would you describe the finish on Salt Grass pieces?

Salt Grass uses a professional tumbler to give our surfaces a brushed slightly shiny surface. This is not a high-shine finish. Your finish may become more matte or shiny over time depending on your body's oils and how it is stored. If you’d like your Salt Grass jewelry professionally cleaned or your finish re-done at any point please let us know. We’re happy to help.

What metals do you use?

Salt Grass uses sterling silver, 14k gold vermeil and solid gold metals mostly in 14k. About 85% our sterling silver and 14k gold items are coming from recycled alloys.

How do i care for the differnt metals?

Sterling Silver - will develop a patina over time but is genreally easy to care for. The textures and forms on our jewerly will become more defined with this natural patina. If you wish to return the jewelry to its original finish please use a gentle jewelry polishing cloth. We like Sunshine Clothes which you can find on Amazon. Follow directions carfully when using them and only rub lightly.

14k Gold Vermeil - is a pocket freindly gold that needs some tendern care. Our vermeil is made from solid reycled sterling silver with a THICC layer of 14k gold on top. Your finish should last for years however chemicals, perfumes, oils and moisture can change this. Please remove your jewelry to avoid these reactions. Should you run into any issues with the gold vermeil please reach out. We are here to help.

Solid Gold - easy peasy! You can literally do anything with this alloy and not worry about damaging it or the finish. Be wild, free, rough, and messy!

Where does recycled metal come from, and why is that important?

Our metals come from a few sources within the US. Our casted components come from a small casting house in the historic Diamond District of NYC. We have been working with them for over 10 years. All of their precious metals, including silver, gold and platium come from United Precious Metal Refining, which is certified to use conflict-free, ethically sourced metals.

Post-consumer recycled metals are just as clean, pure and "refined" as metals that originate from the earth. The main difference is that we are not contributing to the mining process by using "new" metal. Mining for metals causes a huge amount of waste and displacement of animals and plants. It is for these reasons that we are so happy to see many supply company's now offering recycled alloys produced in green facilities.

What other eco-conscious choices has Salt Grass made?

Recently, we stepped away from bio-degradable plastic and have moved to all paper or plant-based products for our packaging. Bio-degradable plastic is a wonderful idea in theory but unfortunately, it won’t break down in the ocean where it is likely to end up.

We are continually looking to grow and better educate ourselves with regards to environmental business practices. See an area where we can improve? Let us know!