Salt Grass Jewelry was founded in 2016 by Kristi Frank Montaño. Before that, she produced jewelry for notable brands in NYC and Maine. As a 14th-generation New mexican, her work is characterized by symbolic shapes and textures observed in the high desert. The name Salt Grass comes from Distichlis Spicata, a species of grass also know as desert saltgrass. It is common in the Americans and can be found locally in the clay river banks of the Rio Grande.

Salt Grass Jewelry is a reminder of our devotion to nature. Our purpose is to create timeless jewelry that feels both modern and of the earth.


After being on the east coast for over a decade, Kristi FM's return to the Southwest has opened new territory for her work and consciousness. Each piece she makes carries the long history of her family and the land. This diverse lineage of Spanish, Mexican, and European descent, commonly found in the old family of the Southwest is rich with emotion. This relationship of history is mixed with the beauty of nature to create timeless expressions of adornment. Our missoin is to bridge the gap between the natural world and the human experience.

slow-made PRACTICES

Salt Grass jewelry embraces a slow-made ethos, prioritizing quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail over the unethical production of fast fashion and cookie-cutter designs that flood the industry. We thoughtfully crate with a commitment to sustainability. Each Salt Grass piece can be handed down for generations with minimal waste and minimal carbon footprint.


Salt Grass respectfully acknowledges that we are on stolen native land called Oga’Pogeh Owingeh, which is commonly known as Santa Fe. This is the land of the Northern and Southern Tewa (often identified as Tanos). The Tewa people are a group of Pueblo tribes who historically made their homes on or near the Rio Grande. Before them, this land belonged to the ancient Puebloans. Over four centuries ago, the Spanish arrived in this area, and with it, the need for possession and displacement of the Tanos. This complex, brutal and beautiful lineage is felt in all areas of New Mexico and the Americas at large. We honor the continued fight for indigenous sovereignty and work to do our part to make reparations and be good ancestors wherever possible.